About the48ers.com

We believe to the freedom of choice. What we aim at offering is an alternative destination totally focused on a single topic (aviation) and a specific scale (1/48). This is definitely not a mainstream choice but we insist on following our passion: build aviation projects in 1/48 scaleOur commitment is to keep on expanding the product range offering more options for modelers to convert kits into masterpieces while never discount on the service we offer.

Currently, we have managed to establish cooperation with 300+ manufacturers from around the world like 3D Kits, 3DF, 3DPM, A&A Models, A.M.U.R. Reaver, Abteilung 502, Accurate Miniatures Decals, Advanced Modeling, Aerobonus (by Aires), Aerocraft Models, Aeroplast, Afterburner Decals, AFV Club, AIMS, AirDOC Decals, Aires, Airfix, Airscale, Airwaves, AK Interactive, Akan, Alpha Abrasives, Amazing Art, AMDG Decals, Amigo Models, AMMO, AMP Models, AMS Resin, Amusing Hobby, ANYZ, AOAdecals, Archer, Arma Hobby, Armory, ArmyCast, Artscale, Attack Squadron, Authentic Decals, Avantgarde Model Kits (AMK), Avionix, Aztec Models, BAM Models, Bandit Resin Factory, Bare Metal Foil, BarracudaStudios, Begemot, Berna Decals, Black Dog, Blackbird Models, Border Model, Bostik, Bronco, Buchon Scale Models, Bullseye Model Aviation, Cam Decals, Cam Pro, Caracal Models, Carpena Decals, CAT4, Clear Prop Models, CMK, Cold War Studio, Corpus, Craft Production, CrossDelta, CTA Models, D-Toys (by Division Miniature), DACO, DANmodels, Das Werk, Dead Design Models, Def.Model, Detail & Scale, Detail & Wonder (D&W), Djiti's Productions, DKdecals, DN Models, Dora Wings, Dragon Models, DXM Decals, E.T. Model, Eagle Aviation, Eagle Editions, Eagle Strike Decals, Eduard, Elite Decals, Excel, Exito Decals, Expo Tools, FCM Decals, Fightertown Decals, Fine Molds, Flex-i-File, Flying Leathernecks Models, Foxbot, Freedom Model Kits, Fundekals, Funtec, Furball Aero-Design, G-Factor, Gaianotes, Galaxy Model, GasPatch Models, Gloria Model, Grand Models, Great Wall Hobby, Green Stuff World, HADmodels, HaHen, Haosheng, Hasegawa, Hauler and Brengun, HGW Models, Hi-Decal, HIQ Parts, HK Models, HMH Publications, Hobby Base, Hobby Decal, Hobby Fan, Hobby2000, HobbyBoss, Hypersonic Models, Icarus Decals, ICM, ILOVEKIT, Impact Decals, Infini Model, IsraDecal Studio, Italeri, Iwata, J's Work, Jamo, Jet Passion Scale Models, JLC, K.U.K. Miniatures, Kagero, KASL Hobby, Katran, KAV Models, Kazan Model Dynamics, Kelik, Kinetic, KiRRey, Kitsworld, Kitty Hawk Models, Komplect Zip, Kopecky Scale Models, Kora Decals, L'Arsenal, Laser Model Graver, LF Models, Lifecolor, Lifelike Decals, LP Models, Maestro Models, Master, Master Tools, MasterCasters, MAW-Decals, Meng, Meridia Hobby, Metallic Details, Microscale, Miliverse, Milliput, Milspec, Mini Craft Collection, Mini World, Minibase , Mirage Hobbies, Mistercraft, MK.I Aero (by KA-models), ModelMaker, ModelSvit, Montex, Moose Republic Decals, MPM Models, Mr. Hobby (GSI Creos), MSM Creation, Nautilus Models, NeOmega, New Ware, NH Detail, NorthStar Models, Offset Scale Models, Olimp Models, OzMods, PaulusVictor Decals, Pavla Models, Peewit, Phantom Phreaks Decals, Phase Hangar Resin, Pilot-Replicas, PJ Production, PK Productions, Plus Model, Print Scale, Procal Decals, Q-M-T, Quickboost (by Aires), Quinta Studio, Rafalik, Raymoco Models, Red Fox Studio, Reedoak, Reid Air Publications, Renaissance, RES-IM, Rescue Models, Resin Balloons, ResKit, Revell, Rob-Taurus, Roden, Royale Resin, RP Toolz, RPG Model, Sabre Model, Saizo, SB Decals, SBS Model, Scale Aircraft Conversions, Series Espanolas, Shimomura Alec, Shinwa, Shop of Phantoms, SIO Models / AMK, Skunkmodels, Small Stuff Models , Sova-M, Special Hobby, Speed Hunter Graphics, Starfighter Decals, Steel Beach Accessories, Suyata, SX Art, Syhart Decals, Tamiya, Tarangus, Tauro Model, Temp Models, TG Decals, The Bodi, Three Sheeps Design, ThunderCals, Tori Factory, True Details, Trumpeter, Two Bobs, UpRise Decals, UPWiND, Uschi van der Rosten, Vagabond Decals, Vector, Vertigo Miniatures, Voyager Model, WandD Studio, Warbird Decals, Wheelliant (by Aires), Wingman Models, Wolf 3D Resin Parts, Wolfpack-Design, Xuron, Yellow Wings Decals, Zeus Projects, Zotz Decals, Zoukei-Mura, Zvezda. And we keep on going by adding more!!

Our ambitious goal is to continuously offer more options to our valued customers – fellow modelers as well as great customer service.

Happy modelling!