Loyalty Scheme - Terms & Conditions

1. The Terms and Conditions herewith (“Terms”) govern the:

  • participation to the the48ers.com (“website”) loyalty scheme (“loyalty scheme”),
  • gathering and usage of the loyalty scheme’s rewards (“Rewards”)
  • eligibility towards the reward tiers (“Tiers”) as well as
  • any other offer associated with the loyalty scheme.

2. The below Terms define the terms of the agreement between the48ers.com and the individuals who participate in the loyalty scheme (“loyalty scheme members” or “members”).

3. The participation to the loyalty scheme is strictly personal and cannot be transferred or assigned by any member to any third party.

4. Each member can only maintain one account to which the earned Points are credited as well as the Tier is assigned should the requirements are met. In the event that two or more accounts are associated to the same individual, they shall all be voided along with any Reward Points credited to these accounts, and only the oldest (created) account will be retained without any prior notice to the member.

5. By participating to the loyalty scheme a member fully and unconditionally accepts the Terms, as well as the the48ers.com’s privacy policy, which is an integral part of these terms.

6. The loyalty scheme is open to anyone above the age of 18 or over.

7. The48ers.com has the sole right to decline the participation of an individual to the loyalty scheme for any reason and without any prior notice.

7a. The Reward Points as well as the Tiers are independent parts of the loyalty scheme program. Each member’s eligible spending amounts allow to participate in both the reward points as well as the tiers sub-program.

8. In order for the loyalty scheme member to be eligible to earn Points, the member will need to login into the website. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page for more details.

9. Subject to paragraphs 11 and 8, Rewards are earned and may be redeemed against purchases made by the members. Rewards come in the form of points (“Points”). Points can be accrued and redeemed on the48ers.com website only.

10. Points will be awarded on the basis specified in paragraph 11 of these terms or on such other basis as may be notified to you by the48ers.com from time to time. The number of Points will be calculated on the basis of qualifying purchases made by a member during the designated period (“the reward period”). At the date of issue of these Terms, the reward period starts on March 6th 2017.

11. The amount of a qualifying purchase as well as the payment method will define the amount of Points a member will be rewarded with. The amount of Points at any given moment defines the member’s point balance. The respective purchase should have been paid in full and confirmed by the48ers.com for the Points to be awarded.

(i). The eligible purchase amount (“Amount Spent”) is considered as the net order amount after any discount or promotion has been applied and before any tax as well as any shipping costs have been added.

(ii). With each euro of the Amount Spent, a member’s points balance will be increased differently and as per  each payment method:

(iiia). PayPal: 0.5 Points for every euro of Amount Spent

(iiib). JCC: 1.5 Points for every euro of Amount Spent

(iiic). Bank Transfer: 2.0 Points for every euro of Amount Spent

(iiid). Cash: 2.0 Points for every euro of Amount Spent

(iii) Each redeemed point equals a 0.033 euro discount in a future purchase. In such future purchases, points can only be redeemed if the Amount Spent is worth (in euro value) more than the total discount amount offered as a result of points redemption and i. after the application of any additional discount program that may run simultaneously and ii. before the application of any taxes or shipping fees.

(iv). The point balance cannot exceed 1,500 points at any given time. In case of a purchase that could increase the loyalty scheme member’s point balance beyond the 1,500 points threshold, any additional points exceeding the 1,500 points threshold will be cancelled and will not be eligible to earn further rewards.

(v). The Points have no cash value until redeemed on a purchase and the48ers.com retains full ownership until such time.

(vi). Awarded Points will be cancelled in case a loyalty scheme member’s order is partly or in full refunded at a later stage.

12. Points cannot be earned and cannot be redeemed in the cases of: (a) tax charges (when applicable); (b) shipping fees. The48ers.com reserves the right to amend these types of transactions from time to time by announcing such amendments via the website.

13. The value of any Points redeemed as part of a transaction will not be eligible to earn further Points.

14. Points are valid for use until the loyalty scheme program is valid for.

15. Point balances cannot be transferred, sold, or traded in any way from one loyalty scheme member to another.

16. Should a loyalty scheme member wish to exit the loyalty scheme program, no refund will be made in any other form other than offering to redeem any remaining points through the website.

17. Points that are awarded from August 10, 2023 and onwards, will have a validity of 365 days before they automatically expire.

18. The Tiers sub-program consists of three (3) tiers:

  • the Orange (lowest tier)
  • the Silver (medium tier) as well as
  • the Gold (highest tier)

19. Each tier has a threshold. In order for a member to be granted access to a Tier the total Amount Spent within a given period of time should be greater or equal to the Tier’s threshold.

20. The Amount Spent is determined in paragraph 11(i). The respective purchase should have been paid in full and confirmed by the48ers.com.

21. The beginning of the Tiers sub-program is January 1st, 2022.

22. Access to a Tier is granted / removed as follows:

(i). At the beginning of the Tiers sub-program all members will commence with no tier assigned to them.

(ii). If within a calendar year from the beginning of the sub-program, a member’s total Amount Spent is equal or greater to the lowest tier’s threshold then the member is granted access to the lowest tier.

(iii). As soon as a member enters a tier, he / she remains in the tier for 365 calendar days. At the same time, the total Amount Spent is zeroed and within these 365 calendar days the member:

(iiia). should gather a total of Amount Spent equal or greater to the current tier’s threshold to remain in the tier for another 365 calendar days from the date the member crossed the current tier’s threshold

(iiib). gather a total of Amount Spent equal or greater to the next tier’s threshold to gain access to the next tier (if not already at the highest tier)

(iv). If a member fails to remain in the tier within 365 calendar days, he / she will be demoted to the previous tier.

(v). At the end of each calendar year (December 31 at 23:59.59), the total Amount Spent for members that are not assigned a tier will be zeroed.

23. The current tier thresholds are:

  • Orange: 500 euro
  • Silver: 1000 euro
  • Gold: 1500 euro

24. Each tier will provide the member that belongs to the respective tier with discounts that are applied to eligible products. Eligible products are those that are not discounted at the time of a purchase.

25. The48ers.com decide to apply permanent or temporary discounts to different products rom time to time. Members should refer to the website for further information regarding which products are on discount.

26. The discount percent that is applied to each tier (“Tier Discount”) is:

  • Orange Tier5% discount on products that are not discounted at the time of a purchase
  • Silver Tier10% discount on products that are not discounted at the time of a purchase
  • Gold Tier15% discount on products that are not discounted at the time of a purchase

27. Members are allowed to access a tier only via qualified purchases.

28. The Amount Spent cannot be transferred, donated or traded in any way to other loyalty scheme members.

29. The48ers.com maintains the right to modify at its own discretion, at anytime and with no previous notice to the members the rules as well as the benefits (i.e. Tier discounts, Tier thresholds etc.) associated with the program.

30. The loyalty scheme membership may be cancelled by the48ers.com for reasons such as fraud or a breach of the Terms. If such an event occurs the loyalty scheme member’s point balance and assigned tier will also be zeroed and removed and no reward value will be issued in respect of any remaining point balance.

31. The48ers.com may refuse to authorise the issue of reward values, rewards redemption or other loyalty scheme earned benefits if the48ers.com reasonably considers that the loyalty scheme is being used fraudulently by a member.

32. The48ers.com reserves the right to amend, cancel as well as withdraw the loyalty scheme Terms at any time. Wherever possible, the48ers.com will provide the members with advance notice of any such amendments. The members are deemed to have accepted the Terms as well as any amendment to them by continuing to participate in the loyalty scheme program. It is the member’s responsibility to become aware of the Terms by frequently visiting the website.

33. The48ers.com has the only right to terminate this loyalty scheme program giving the members a notice of 30 calendar days to utilize any remaining reward points. Any such announcement will be made via the website. During this period specific product availability cannot be guaranteed.

34. In relation to the member’s personal data protection, please refer to the section Personal Data for more information. Information the member supplies during the account signup form together with information relating to the member’s transactions, purchases and participation in the loyalty scheme can be used for the purposes of administering the loyalty scheme and for statistical analysis.

35. Should a member do not wish to continue his / her participation to the loyalty scheme must declare this intention via an email at: info(@)the48ers.com.

36. In case of any query related to the membership status, the member should contact the48ers.com at: info(@)the48ers.com.


Last update: November 21, 2023