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F-14 Colors & Markings Part IV

The fourth edition of our popular “Colors and Markings of US Navy Tomcats” series. This time (F/D&S-4812) exclusively the covers the gone but not forgotten “Freelancers” of VF-21. This set was designed using the excellent references provided in Detail and Scale’s new book, “Colors and Markings of U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcats Part 2: Pacific Fleet Squadrons”. This set includes an 8.5” x 12.25” main decal page as well as our 5” x 8” 48-059 stencil set. Options are included for ten VF-21 F-14As that are designed to work with the 1/48 Tamiya F-14A kit. Two complete models can be built using this set. The aircraft covered include: -VF-21, F-14A 161603, (NK-200), USS CONSTELLATION, 1984 -VF-21, F-14A 161603, (NK-200), USS CONSTELLATION, 1986 -VF-21, F-14A 161607, (NK-205), USS CONSTELLATION, 1987 (“Bill the Cat” Logo on the tails) -VF-21, F-14A 161603, (NK-200), USS INDEPENDENCE, 1989 - VF-21, F-14A 159833, (NK-213), USS INDEPENDENCE, 1989 -VF-21, F-14A 161603, (NK-200), USS INDEPENDENCE, 1990 -VF-21, F-14A 161606, (NF-201), USS INDEPENDENCE, 1992 -VF-21, F-14A 1610671, (NF-210), USS INDEPENDENCE, 1994 -VF-21, F-14A 161616, (NF-200), USS INDEPENDENCE, 1994 -VF-21, F-14A 161616, (NF-200), USS INDEPENDENCE, 1995 (Final CAG) Although this set is designed to work best with the 1/48 Tamiya kit, it should work fine with other F-14 kits as well. By Furball Aero-Design
FAD F/D&S-4812
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Manufacturer (Brand) Furball Aero-Design Manufacturer SKUF/D&S-4812 EraPost WWII & Modern Product TypeAircrafts Recommended AircraftF-14 Recommended Kit(any) Part TypeInsignia, lettering Scale1/48
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