F-4E AUP Greek Air Force decals (No booklet included)

ZEU 48-004e
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Manufacturer SKU48-004e EraPost WWII & Modern ManufacturerZeus Projects Recommended AircraftF-4 Kit typeAircrafts Product TypeAftermarket: Decals, lettering Recommended KitHasegawa, Zoukei Mura Scale1/48 Discontinued Product No

F-4E Phantom II AUP decal set includes markings and basic stencils in 1/48 for up to 4 aircrafts in service with Hellenic (Greek) Air Force (HAF). 

** The markings and stencils' colours were selected after comparing the colours on the actual aircraft with FED-STD Paint chips for perfect colour matching, slightly adjusted for scale effect purposes. **

36 Greek Phantom II aircrafts were upgraded with advanced electronics program “Peace Icarus 2000” or "Avionics Upgrade Program" (AUP). The "Aegean Ghost" camouflage was introduced just before the AUP program started.

This brilliant, printed by Cartograf Italy, decal sheet allows to build a F-4E Phantom II model representing the aircrafts in "Aegean Ghost" camo flying with 338 and 339 Squadrons. 

Key items included:

  • 338, 339 Squadron markings   
  • Basic stencils and spares for up to 4 aircrafts
  • Ready to be used serial numbers + extra numbers to create any serial number 

Decal instruction guide can be found as pdf under the "Attachment" section and available to download.

By Zeus Projects

Instruction Guide (Zeus_Projects_48004_Instructions.pdf, 2,851 Kb) [Download]

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