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Luftwaffe Cockpit Placard Decals

Luftwaffe Cockpit Placard Decals.

Each set includes:

A huge selection of between 180 - 400 multi-colour placards & dataplates as found in Luftwaffe aircraft from the 30’s & 40’s

Includes manufacturer dataplates for Junkers, Messerschmitt, Focke-Wulf, Henschel; plus cockpit ancillary manufacturers such as Bosch, Lorenz and Askania

Essential for cockpit instrument panels, sidewalls, FuG radios, throttle & flap quadrants and oxygen/air cylinders etc.

Each placard is separate on the decal sheet with a minimum of carrier film

Fully illustrated instructions 

By Airscale

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Manufacturer (brand) Airscale Manufacturer SKUAS48 SCH EraWorld War I & II Aircraft / Heli / OtherAircrafts Recommended AircraftHe 162, Fw 190, Other, He 219, Ju 87, Bf 110, Bf 108, He 111, Fw 189, Ju 88, He 177, Ju 52, Bf 109 Part TypeAftermarket: Cockpits Scale1/48