Before you place an order

1. What are the countries that we ship to?

FedEx ships globally with the exception of Russian Federation and Ukraine, where the courier only delivers to a business address. If you cannot find your country in the list of destination countries when selecting the FedEx option please email us to further investigate. 

Cyprus Post ships worldwide either directly or via 3rd countries' Postal Services with the exception of the below countries: (last update October 11, 2023): 

  1. Azerbaijan
  2. Belarus
  3. Israel (temporarily suspended)
  4. Kazakhstan (only Parcel mail is available)
  5. Kyrgyzstan (only Parcel mail is available)
  6. Mongolia
  7. Russian Federation
  8. Sudan
  9. Syria 
  10. Tajikistan (only Parcel mail is available)
  11. Uzbekistan (only Parcel mail is available)
  12. Yemen

In case the destination country is not available in the checkout page ("Deliver to:") please contact us

2. What is the average order processing time?

We usually process and ship the orders either on the same or the next business day after a payment confirmation is received.

3. How are the shipping fees estimated?

The shipping fees are estimated based on the destination country, the method of shipment as well as the total weight and volume of the package(s).

4. What are the available shipping methods?

The available shipping methods are:

  • FedEx

We offer the FedEx International Priority service and the average delivery time varies between 1 - 3 business days. A tracking ID is provided and the delivery process can be tracked via the FedEx website. 

The courier may apply changes to the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. For an up-to-date information please refer to their official websites (

Note: From January 1 2023, FedEx will be charging an extra fee for Remote Area Services. As we are trying to align the existing rates that the platform automatically calculates during the checkout process, we may contact you to select an alternative shipping method if this applies to your order

  • Cyprus Post

- Regular Mail (Registered). This is the most economic shipment method and is available for both Zone 1 as well as Zone 2 countries (see below which countries each Zone includes). A Tracking ID (special bar-coded number) is provided to track and trace the parcel. Insurance is provided up to 40 euro in total regardless of the order amount.

Parcel Mail (Registered & Fully Insured). This is the most economic shipment method for packages over 2kg (4.4 pounds). It is available for selected countries in Zone 1 as well as Zone 2. A Tracking ID (special bar-coded number) is provided to track and trace the parcel. Insurance is provided for the entire order amount.

Cyprus Post may apply changes to the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. For up-to-date information please refer to the Cyprus Post official website (

Cyprus Post Zone 1 countries: European Union countries and Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, the Vatican, Liechtenstein and Monaco.
Cyprus Post Zone 2 countries: Other European countries and countries in the rest of the world.

Note 1: The estimated delivery times that are shown during the checkout step may be impacted and delays could occur.

Note 2: Kindly note that each shipping method may exclude specific countries. 

Note 3: From May 6, 2020 a fixed-fee surcharge per each shipment via Cyprus Post was introduced. The fee is 2.65 euro as of January 2nd, 2022. 

Note 4.  Some destination countries (e.g. Australia, Canada) do not provide visibility once the parcel enters the respective country. Delivery updates should be received via the local Post Office branches / helpdesks.

5. Do you offer Registered (tracked) shipment?

Yes. All shipping methods include a tracking ID.

6. Can I change the shipping method or address after placing an order?

We will try our best depending on the processing stage the order will be at the time we are contacted. In such a case please contact us immediately at

7. What about Customs & local / import taxes or other charges?

When placing an order with a delivery address outside of European Union there is a possibility that the parcel(s) may have to clear Customs and import taxes or other type of charges could be applied by the local authorities.

Note 1: Prior placing an order please ensure that you are aware of these potential additional charges from the various parties involved including the Post as well as the courier companies by contacting the destination country's official representatives / Customs authorities as we carry no responsibility for any additional charge.

Note 2: For orders where no VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged by the seller, the customer (purchaser) is solely responsible for paying any VAT or other relevant tax(es) upon delivery of the goods to the destination country. The seller does not act as the importer and therefore has no obligation to clear Customs and pay for any relevant fees imposed by the destination country’s authority(ies).

8. How do I know that my order is confirmed?

When an order is placed, an email is automatically dispatched. In cases where such an email is not being received please login into your account and confirm that the order is placed, If not, please contact us.

Note: In case the confirmation email has not been received, please check your spam / junk email folder.

9. What are the available payment methods?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • JCC Payment Systems, Cyprus All major Credit / Debit cards can be used. No need to create an account with JCC Payment Systems. JCC is certified under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System.

  • PayPal (no need to create a PayPal account / be a PayPal registered user).

Note: From October 23, 2023 in case a customer wishes to cancel an order for a reason not related to 1) us not be able to ship the order and 2) a product(s) is not in stock then the refund amount will be the order's amount minus the PayPal original transaction fee. The reason for this is that PayPal changed their policy and will not return to us the fees from the original transaction in case of a refund from the previously mentioned date. 
Kindly note that orders that contain a pre-order or back order item(s) will be shipped once all items are in stock and if one wishes to cancel such an order before the shipment date the PayPal fee will not be refunded. 

  • Bank transfer (in euro)

Account holder: C.I. Scale Model Hobbies Ltd
Bank name: Hellenic Bank
IBAN: CY03 0050 0201 0002 0110 8945 2301
Country: Cyprus

Please add the order number in the comments section. In order to process your order faster, it is suggested that a screenshot of the payment receipt is emailed at

Note: For customers that make the funds transfer in a currency other than EUR, the exact amount in EUR should be received in order to be able and process the order.  

  • Cash payment (store pick-up). Pay for your order in cash and pick up your order from our warehouse.

Note. Additional charges or handling fees may be applied by your payment processor so please make sure you are aware of these prior placing an order and using the respective payment methods. 

10. What is the base currency?

The currency used is Euro (EUR). As do not process the payments themselves, the exchange rate used by the payment processor / financial institution (PayPal, Issuing Bank, JCC etc.) will not necessarily be exactly the same with the one is used in this website. We use the current ECB FX rate for illustration purposes only. 

Even though the order may appear in the currency the user selected, always charge in EUR.

11. How can someone contact you?

We are available between 9am and 5pm EET / EEST time zone Monday to Friday, except from local (Cypriot) public holidays. We can be contacted at:

12. Shipping restrictions for specific countries

Shipping restrictions will be imposed as we deem necessary and solely based on poor Postal Service performance (huge delays to deliver our parcels).

13. Shipping address

The shipping address that will be used to ship the order is the one defined by the customer during the checkout process. No other address is taken into consideration e.g. default PayPal address or else. 

Last update: October 11, 2023