Receiving your order

1. Can orders be combined?

Yes. Just tell us if an order should not be shipped and we will hold it in our warehouse until you decide otherwise. This can be done by either emailing us or by adding a comment in the notes box during the checkout process.

Multiple orders can also be shipped as one thus saving on shipping fees. This is done by default (for example if someone places multiple orders for example during a weekend. The shipping fees' difference will be automatically be refunded in reward points should the person keeps an account at Reward points can then be used a discount in the next order.

2. How can I track my order?

Orders can be tracked via the tracking ID that all shipping methods offer. After we ship an order an email with the tracking ID is sent. The tracking ID can be found as per the screen shot below:

Tracking ID email confirmation

Shipping via FedEx: use the tracking ID and visit to monitor the delivery progress. Also, FedEx offers the ability to schedule the delivery date / time / place according to your needs. 

Shipping via Cyprus Post (Regular mail, Parcel mail, EMS): use the tracking ID and visit to monitor the delivery progress. Also, the destination country's National Postal Services provider ( typical offer online tracking functionality to monitor the delivery progress using the same tracking ID we provided via email.

3. I have not received a message confirmation email

Please check your spam / junk folder. 

If you still have not received an email then there is a case that your email provider may have blocked our emails. Examples of email providers that we currently investigate are:


While we try to communicate with the above email providers and investigate further we would suggest that an alternative email address (e.g. gmail) is used to ensure that order related information is successfully delivered to your inbox.

If you hold an account at you can still get an order's tracking ID by following the below steps:

  • Sign in into your account at
  • Go to your profile
  • Go to Orders
  • Go to the order's details - the tracking ID is shown next to the shipping method (in parenthesis) 

Else, simple email us.

4. The order is delayed...

Please check both the Cyprus Post ( as well as the destination country's National Postal Service online tracking tool for an updated status.

In some countries, a notification (SMS or paper note) is sent to the recipient for picking the parcel up from a designated point. In some cases this notification is not delivered / lost so please ensure that you regularly check for update via he inline tracking tools. Most of the Postal Services around the world will ship back the parcel if not collected within a period of time.

We would be happy to help if significant delays take place, the item went missing or the item is shipped back.   

Note 1: "Larnaka" is the last point of scan prior the order is shipped to the destination country. From that point onwards the order will be in transit and will be scanned again at the entry point in the destination country  

Note 2: There are countries (e.g. Australia, Canada etc.) that they do not provide visibility of the delivery progress once the parcel enters their territory. In this case, please call or visit the neighboring post office branch and ask an update using the tracking ID we provided.

Note 3. In some rare cases, Cyprus Post ships via a transit country. In this case please expect further delays.


5. Order received but it is damaged 

The customer is obliged to check the received products for any obvious defects or errors in delivery and inform us as soon as possible and in any case within 2 days from the product’s receipt. After the 2 days expiration period, the products are considered to have been received at an excellent condition.

Dented / mishandled parcel

We pay great attention in making sure the parcels are well protected by using extra packaging material, bubbles wraps and stickers indicating the fragile content.  

In case you run into a case where the parcel is not delivered in good shape you need to register the incident with a Postal Service employee before you sign for the parcel

A damage report at the destination country's Postal Services is required by Cyprus Post for any claim to be made regarding broken / missing content. Else, the order will not be eligible for product replacement / compensation by postal insurance.

Our courier partner (FedEx) continue to deliver the packages in mint condition.

6. Missing item from order

In case of n item being missing, please do let us know within two days from the date that the order was delivered to you and we will investigate.

If the missing item is part of a damaged parcel please refer to section #5 above. 

7. Delivery of a wrong item 

This would be the case where due to our proven fault, the product delivered to you, was other or substantially different from what you ordered. This error may have occurred due to a mistake when preparing / packaging your order, even if we strive to deliver everything in order. 

In such a case, all the costs for the return of the wrong product and for sending the correct one is undertaken by us and such procedure shall be handled as a top priority for the immediate replacement of the product. We may contact the buyer and arrange a mutually convenient way of shipping the correct product to the buyer.

8. Damaged or defective product 

In case of a damaged item please contact as within 2 days from the day you received the goods.

For a damaged or defect item we would need:

  • the product ID / description,
  • a photo of the damaged part, as well as
  • a photo of the original packaging

It will be in our sole discretion to decide as to whether there will be a replacement or a compensation and what the value will be (this can be in a form of loyalty points provided that the recipient is a registered user). The replacement can be shipped either from our warehouse or the manufacturer themselves. 

If there is obvious damage in the external packaging, the issue is most likely to be caused by shipping mishandling. In this case please go to section #5 above for more information on how to handle the case.

We do not consider an item as damaged or defected in at least the following cases:

  • any damaged caused to the product by opening the product packaging when receiving the product itself,
  • differences that may appear when comparing the received item or its packaging with what was displayed in the website when the order was placed. The product description as well as the product photos may change without any prior notice,
  • the manufacturer does not recognize the item as damaged or defect,
  • marks of any kind, bents or dents on the product packaging that cause no issues to the product itself.


9. Right to return a product 

The customer has the right to withdraw from the original purchase and return the product and either purchase another product at the same price or a more expensive one by paying the price difference, or request for a refund, under the terms and conditions described in Article 7 of the Terms & Conditions, by completing and submitting the Declaration of Withdrawal.

Return Procedure

You can return the product in person at our warehouse or via a courier. If you are going to return the product via a courier then you should:

  • ensure that the proper packaging is used for a safe product delivery back to the Company
  • place in the return package a signed document that indicates how you want to resolve the outstanding amount, in case of the product’s return is approved
  • ship the parcel by courier (as a registered shipment) to the attention of the Returns Department. Please note that the return costs are incurred by the customer / buyer.

We would like to point out that in the event that the product does not meet all the above requirements it will be returned to the sender (buyer) on his / her charge.

Where the conditions are met and the product’s return is being accepted, the consumer is either entitled to receive a credit note for the value of the product returned so as to buy another product of equal value or receive back the product’s price in the form of a refund.

10. Limitation of Liability

In case of repeated refunds or in the event that the Company, at its sole discretion, considers that the consumer abuses its refund rights or acts in bad faith, the Company is entitled to refuse to accept a returned product even if the above terms and conditions are met.

The Company reserves the right at any time to cancel or amend the Return Policy through publication of the relevant new terms and conditions on the E-Shop or its stores.

For any information about these Terms, please contact us in writing at:

Last update: June 26, 2023